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ISBA members can enjoy a savings of up to $450 in online legal research tools. The State Bar offers you no only a new and improved basic product, but also all of its premium tools at no additional cost (to include CaseCheck+, Casemaker Digest and CiteCheck). You now have free access to Casemaker's negative citator system, daily summaries of state and federal appellate cases specific to your area of interest, and a legal brief analyzer that will check your cites to make sure they are still good law. Now more than ever, it is important to renew your dues online to avoid losing this valuable member benefit!
Casemaker +
1. CaseCheck+ - Citations

A negative citator system that rivals the best. You'll know instantly if the case you are researching is still good law.

2. CasemakerDigest - Stay Current

Keep up with the latest cases in your practice area. Within 12-24 hours of publication, Casemaker editors deliver daily summaries of State and Federal Appellate cases.

3. CaseCheck - Brief Analyzer

Get the latest information on the citations in your briefs. Upload your brief to Casemaker and you will receive up-to-the-minute information on the current validity of each case.